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Workshop Descriptions

PatchesTellington TTouch is a stress-free way of working with all animals to help them feel and behave better through a process that restores physical vitality, mental focus and emotional balance.

TTouch workshops may be designed with particular interests in mind, such as those for cats, rabbits or even reptiles. The most common workshops focus primarily on dogs, and address their behaviour, health, and general well being, or can focus on specific demands associated with working, competition or sport.

Some of the trainings listed in the calendar are part of the international Tellington Training Professional Certification Program. Two three-day workshops may count as one of the six sessions of the certification training. The content of an introductory workshop covers the basics of the work and its principles. Although it is the first course in the Certification Program, it is designed also for those simply wanting skills to work with their own animals, and for those who already work professionally with animals and want to add to their expertise.

What to expect from a workshop or training

The workshops and trainings offer a lot of hands-on practice, and help with your own animal if you bring one. It is expected that the majority of participants will want to bring a dog (or cat) to the course, although it is not required.

The curriculum will include both TTouch (bodywork) and - for dogs - Confidence Course (groundwork) techniques, and give you skills for working with animals in kind, clear, safe, and effective ways. You will learn how to observe the many - sometimes very subtle - ways that animals let us know how they feel about what we do with them. This helps us to determine the most effective ways of helping them. We will also discuss the principles behind TTouch, so that you can become creative in problem-solving.

Participants at TTouch workshops speak of seeing with new eyes, developing new insights into how animals learn, discovering more successful ways of coping with difficulties, and - best of all - coming away knowing that they can make a difference in the lives of animals.

Please contact me if you are interested in hosting a workshop.


Workshops with Edie Jane, and workshops in eastern Canada with other teachers, are listed below. Unless indicated, all are open to newcomers to the work who want to learn TTouch skills for themselves, and to those interested in - or already enrolled in - the Practitioner Certification Program.

For costs and general information about 3-day and 6-day events, click here.

Pour les Francophones, Les cours en Franšais avec Lucie Leclerc.

Trainings and Demonstrations for Companion Animals

March 24-26, 2018 and March 24-28, 2018
Ottawa area, ON
3-day and 5-day training - Tellington TTouch Method for Companion Animals Your choice of three- or five-days (both can count towards certification). Practitioners can attend three days as a certification update.
taught by TTouch Instructor Edie Jane Eaton
Contact: TTouch Canada office or 800-255-2336 (Pacific time)
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