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Mounting Confidence - TTEAM Workshop, Atlanta, GA, 2006In general, the amount of hands-on practice you have will not depend upon your bringing a horse. Some time will be available to discuss with Edie Jane how you could work with a difficulty you may have chosen to leave at home!

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TTEAM teaching consists of a lot of hands-on experience, demonstrations and discussion of concepts and techniques. Emphasis will be placed on observation and exploration of the difficulties presented by the horses at the training, and discussion and practice of appropriate ways to help these horses be successful.

Some clinics may be designed to address specific interests - health, trailering, mounted work, starting young horses etc. These will be identified in the calendar.

2 or 3-day Clinics

Weekend and 3-day clinics may be introductory or may focus on specific issues or interests: performance, behaviour, health. In general, all will include TTEAM techniques of TTouch, including ways to support veterinary crises and care, groundwork in the “Playground of Higher Learning” and, depending upon the horses present, riding using TTEAM techniques and tack - or no tack at all! Two three-day clinics can count as one Practitioner Training session.

6-day Trainings

These trainings qualify as TTEAM Practitioner Training sessions, and are frequently offered in conjunction with the short clinics described above.

Building on the short clinics the course will go into greater detail with more riding if possible, more hands-on with varied horses, and will include neck-line driving and ground driving. We will be able to address particular problems of interest to the participants or evident in the horses - such as trailer-loading, starting youngsters, dealing with vet and farrier issues and difficulties under saddle.

Please contact me if you are interested in hosting a workshop.


July 7-9 and July 7-12, 2018
Lascelles, QC (near Ottawa, ON)
Early bird discount through March 31!
3-day and 6-day training - Tellington TTouch Method for Horses Your choice of three- or six-days (both can count towards certification). Practitioners can attend three days as a certification update.
taught by Instructor Edie Jane Eaton with Lucie Leclerc and Marcy Baer
Contact: Edie Jane or 819-459-2110.
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Interested in organizing a clinic in your area?
Please contact: Edie Jane or 819-459-2110 for more information.


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