New Zealand and Australia Workshop and Training Information

If you are not on the New Zealand and Australia Connection emailing list, you can register for it here and receive updates of information about workshops and trainings with overseas instructors.

To find practitioners in Australia, visit the TTouch Australia website.

In New Zealand, Elizabeth "Lib" Roe is our Tellington TTouch Practitioner in Auckland and Trisha Wren our TTEAM Practitioner in the Waikato.

Lib works with companion animals and is also a Bach Flower Practitioner. Contact Lib by email, visit her website, or phone her on 021 038 4943. Trisha Wren works with horses and is also a Connected Riding Practitioner. Contact Trisha by email, visit her website, or phone her on 07 827 0240.

All 5-day trainings count towards the Practitioner Certification Program for Companion Animals or the Equine Certification Program and are offered for those attending their first training, and for those who have already attended previous 5 or 6-day sessions. It is also designed for those simply wanting skills to work with their own animals - and for those who already work professionally with animals and want to add to their expertise.

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