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Africa! 2017

Here's to a wonderful 2017!

The events on this page, with some exceptions, are being held in or near Lascelles, QC, 30 minutes from Ottawa, Ontario, in the beautiful Gatineau Hills. The scene above, however, is NOT in the beautiful Gatineau Hills, but in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. The past several trips I've led to Africa were hugely sucessful and are being repeated this year, with the possibility of another one in 2018. Here's some information about our trips this year: Africa!2017. If you think you might be interested in a future trip, do get in touch.

Back home in the hills (the "beautiful Gatineau Hills"), Lauren McCall will be visiting again in April for her very popular annual Animal Communication workshop, and we have on the schedule the usual mix of workshops with horses and companion animals.

I'm looking forward to teaching more "Taking it Easy" workshops. Many thanks to those who have been organising them for me! These workshops blend Feldenkrais® with Tellington TTouch® and are appropriate for those who want to help themselves - and others - be more comfortable and at ease, while discovering what it is they're doing that's getting in their way.

If you are interested in organizing a "Taking it Easy" workshop, please contact me.

A busy schedule away from home is limiting the local events offered this summer. Information will be added as events get confirmed.


Animal Communication Workshop
with Lauren McCall - Is this for real?
April 29-30, 2017
Registration is limited for Lauren's always popular annual weekend workshop Making the Connection, so early registration is recommended. Registration deadline is April 1.
Ottawa, ON and Lascelles, QC (Ottawa Area)
Contact: Edie Jane or 819-459-2110
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Lauren McCallLauren McCall brings a life-long love of animals and an intriguing history to her current international animal communication and TTouch practice. Her academic credentials include a BA in Diplomacy and World Affairs from Occidental College in California (Barack Obama was there the same time) and an MA in International Relations from the University of Sussex in England.  From there she moved to Malaysia to run an international printing company, act as consultant for Chase Manhattan Bank, and as Client Service Director for an advertising agency – and learned to speak Malay!  Following that was marketing specialist work in England with an educational trust and a publishing company. The pivotal chapter in Lauren’s life story, which led to her current work, features her father’s beautiful Malamute, Roo. We’ll let her tell that story herself, when you meet her.

Lauren now travels and teaches both animal communication and TTouch, and has an international client base that includes the US, Europe and Japan. She is the creator of the multi-media in-home learning program, "Animal Communication: Making the Connection" and author of "The Eternal Gift, Coping with the grief of losing a beloved animal", best-seller in Japan and now available in English.

She lives in Newberg, Oregon with her partner, a dog, cat, a very sweet rabbit, and 2 guinea pigs. Visit Lauren’s website, Integrated Animal to learn more about her.

Is this for real? Lauren's response: The short answer is 'yes'. As odd as it may sound I can 'talk' to your animal. Communicators can get pictures, words, feelings, see colors or hear sounds. I normally get words and have dialogues with animals. I was not born with any special psychic abilities or with a Dr. Doolittle complex. I have, however, always found it easy to establish a rapport with most animals on some level and I have learned how to enhance that telepathically. It can be a fun and very rewarding way to deepen your relationship with and understanding of your animal.

Workshops for Humans

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Workshops with Companion Animals

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Workshops with Horses

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Other Adventures!

Africa! 2018? perhaps?
The Okavango Delta and Victoria Falls
Both of the Africa! 2017 trips is filled, but if you are interested in future years, please contact Edie Jane or 819-459-2110.

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